White Ink Tattoos

I recently came across some sites dedicated to white ink tattoos. I find them pretty amazing, perhaps it's because they're not obvious at all. I have also thought about getting some white ink tattoos myself. A lot of the white tattoos I've seen tend to be more personal. I'm not sure what I would get but it's definitely something to think about. What do you think of white ink tattoos? Would you get one?

More photos after the jump.


(Photos via eviltattoo)


  1. I can imagine that these look good on some people, but I don't think i'm a fan. If done properly they can look nice but they seem to resemble scars and I can't really get used to them. I do like the stomach one though. Good post! x

  2. I do not like any of them but the last. The first photo looks like a skin disease, the second one looks like stretch marks, and the third one looks like some awful vegan killer killed them and marked their wrist with their tagline. haha I think the owl looks cool, but I am definitely not into white tattoos. Cool post though!

  3. That's a dove or pigeon, not an owl. I think that they look like scars, but all of these are fresh and swollen, with the possible exception of the stomach wings. I would like to see one after it's healed. I think up close and in person they would look a lot cooler, and would be easier to cover up with makeup if need be (acting, dancing, modeling, etc).