Versace's First Touch-Screen Luxury Cellphone 'Unique'

Versace teamed up with ModeLabs Group and LG Electronics to create their first touch-screen cellphone 'Unique'. It is hand-assembled in France and features a face made of high-tech ceramic or lacquer with a stainless steel finish. Also, it is said that the back is covered in handcrafted leather, in a palette ranging from pink and purple to black, and embossed with the brand’s Medusa head logo. This luxury item will retail for a price range of $6,747 for the most basic model, to $8,464 for the ceramic-gold alligator skin model. I think it's a gorgeous cellphone, unfortunately my super long nails stop me from using anything touch-screen. Details on the specifications have not yet been released. I am curious to know though, are you readers willing to spend $6,747 on a cellphone?

(Photo via WWD)

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