"Beastly" Boy Is NOT Beastly At All

"Beastly", the modern-day rendition of the classic fairytale "Beauty And The Beast". Have you guys seen this yet? I am still debating whether or not to watch this film as I don't agree with the portrayal of the beast. He is not beastly AT ALL. Yes, he adorns tattoos and scars on his face and body. But how is that different from those who are heavily tattooed and modified? Are they trying to send a message that facial tattoos and scarification equals beastly and hideous? I sure hope not! I personally think that the actor, Alex Pettyfer, looks much more attractive after he turns into a so-called beast. Some articles are even comparing him to the amazing Rick Genest a.k.a. Zombie Boy. So tell me, does he look beastly to you?

(Photo via hotslive)


  1. The modern day adaptation focus' on vanity...have you seen it yet? I personally thought it was done well, for all intensive purposes